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Is Fried Chicken From Walmart Better Than KFC?

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Brand names come with a reputation and an expectation of quality. That may be good or bad, true or false. What I learned recently is that even though a brand name may have been around for decades with a positive reputation, it doesn’t mean one can’t find better quality for cheaper somewhere else.

A few weeks ago my wife was in the mood for fried chicken, so I went to KFC to pick up a bucket for dinner. KFC has been around since 1930, has nearly 20,000 locations worldwide, and is a household name. With those credentials, one assumes it’s good chicken. But as we ate the chicken, my wife wasn’t happy with its lack of crispiness, its uneven breading, and the extreme greasiness. I told her that while grocery shopping I had seen fried chicken for sale at the Walmart deli that looked much better than what we got that night from KFC.

The next time we wanted fried chicken, we remembered this experience and got it from the Walmart Deli. We agreed that the chicken was much better this time around. Here’s a breakdown of what we liked about it:

Less Greasy

My wife had to literally dab KFC chicken with a paper towel before she could eat it. The chicken from Walmart had no such problem.

More Crispy

The breading on the KFC chicken had softened in many places (likely due to sitting in excess grease). This also caused pieces of the breading to completely fall off. Walmart’s chicken was crispy and fully breaded.

Less Expensive

An 8 piece bucket of chicken from KFC cost $14.99 (prices may vary by location). I purchased an 8 piece package of fried chicken from Walmart for $5.98, less than half the price!

KFC is a well-known brand that many associated with a quality product. My wife and I had a very different experience but found that we could get better quality chicken, at a more convenient location, for under half the price at Walmart.

How about you, Clever Friends, have you tried the fried chicken from the Walmart Deli? Have you found any less known products that beat big well-known brand names?

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