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Don’t Use Applebees Coupons To Save Money, Do These 3 Things Instead


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The fast-casual dining concept has quickly become one of the go-to choices for Americans looking for good food, great prices, and great service. Applebees is one of those restaurants.  Unlike in fast food restaurants, patrons are able to enjoy dining experiences that are very similar to high-end restaurant concepts but with fairly universal menus that enable the restaurant to duplicate the dining experience for patrons regardless if they are in Austin, New York City, or Portland.

Having standardized menu options enables patrons to capitalize on strategizing to save money on a menu that is easy to use the next time you eat out at your neighborhood Applebees. The following are three different strategies that will save you money during your next visit to Applebees.

#1 Build Your Sampler

The Build Your Sampler option allows you to mix and match smaller samples of your favorite appetizers for an affordable price. You have the choice of mixing two appetizer options for $9 or 3 appetizer options for $12. This is a fun and affordable way to enjoy different options on Applebee’s comprehensive menu.  Appetizer options include, but aren’t limited to the following, sriracha shrimp, wonton tacos, or sweet potato fries. You may find yourself torn between the different options but can always return for more.

#2 Buy One Appetizer and get Two Entrees for $20

Entrees typically range in price between $13-$18 a plate. Appetizers range in price between $7-$11.  This special saves most people an average of  $20 a person if people are choosing the lowest price options appetizer and entre menus. Entre options include the following: a riblet basket, a 7oz sirloin, and cedar grilled lemon chicken. You will get more than enough food and the deal continues to be a great option for people looking to stretch their dollar.

#3 Order The Lunch Combo
There is a lot of money to be saved by avoiding dinner and opting for lunch hour menu options.  You can create combination meals using choices from the classic menu which is a collection of mainstay recipes, or create a combination of classic plus classic entre options, classic and signature options, and signature plus signature options.

#4 Discount Days

Most restaurants offer discounts for different segments of their clientele. There are discounts for AARP members, servicemen and women, and on father’s day.

There are also the tried and true options of sharing a single entrance with your friend or family who is joining you for lunch, managing your drink options by choosing water instead of alcohol, or just saying yes to dessert. Spend time looking at the menu prior to going to the restaurant so that you are prepared prior to arrival with a plan that keeps more money in your pocket.

Fast-casual dining can be a cost-effective and affordable way to eat out with your family without breaking the bank. If you haven’t visited your neighborhood Applebees before know that it can be an easy, fast, and affordable choice for people looking to economize but would still like to enjoy going out to eat from time to time.

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