Costco Seafood Roadshow: Great Seafood, Great Value


Great quality seafood is one of my favorite things to eat, but I hate paying restaurant prices for it. I’d much rather buy it at a store and make it at home or purchase it online via Blue Apron. Sometimes it’s difficult to find great quality seafood (not prepackaged and frozen) unless you happen to be near an ocean. However, I discovered recently a great place to get quality seafood.

Costco sells great seafood, at a great price.

The employees at my local Costco call it the Seafood Roadshow. It’s a refrigerated display case on wheels that gets rolled out nearby the meat department on Fridays and Saturdays. I won’t comment on the specific prices, as they likely vary from region to region, but at least in my locality, they are on par with what grocery stores with a fresh seafood section charge for the same products. That is, of course, if they have the same products. Some of the items carried by the Seafood Roadshow are hard to find anywhere else in my market.

Here are some of the items available at the Seafood Roadshow at my Costco:

King Crab Legs

My wife and I love King Crab Legs. This is the item we buy most frequently. Even though we can get King Crab Legs from other sources, the ones from Costco seem bigger and meatier.

Full Lobsters and Dungeness Crabs

I’ve never eaten a full lobster or a Dungeness crab before, but it’s worth noting here as I don’t know of any other place close to where I live where I could purchase either of these items.

Mussels and Clams

I’m a big fan of Mussels, and one day I’m going to learn how to make them, along with a killer sauce.

Tiger Shrimp and Scallops

I mention these together because they’re huge. Enormous is probably a better description. I love grilling both of these with a little compound garlic butter.

Lobster Tail

I can buy lobster tails from other locations, but they never have as many to choose from. When I get to pick the tail I want, having a large selection ensures I get a great lobster tail every time.

Buying seafood from the Costco Roadshow may not be the most inexpensive meal you can make, but it is a great value for your money if you love seafood and compare it to restaurant prices. But remember, the roadshow may only be available a few days a week, so check your local Costco for details. Costco also has a great return policy, so if you don’t like the food you can probably get them to take it back.

Where do you get your seafood? Have you ever visited the Seafood Roadshow at Costco?

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