The Six Tools You Need for a Perfect Starter Tool Set

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First-time homeowners and renters need a starter tool set for maintenance and home improvement projects. However, they may find it difficult to determine what they really need. Read on for a list of high- use tools that provide the most bang for the money as well as sample prices quoted from Amazon.

Buying tools individually — as opposed to getting a kit — allows you to select the brand, type, and quality of the tools. The total price for a starter set comes out to $59.07 with the following items:

  • Screwdriver – This might become your most frequently used tool. A quality multi-tip screwdriver handles almost any job. Prices start at $5.44.
  • Socket Set – Assembling furniture often requires a socket set. A small compact set by Craftsman costs $17.44.
  • Adjustable Wrench – This tool is handy for bolt sizes not covered by your socket set, or when a nut needs to be held stationary. A virtually indestructible adjustable wrench from Crescent costs $6.90.
  • Hammer – Hanging pictures, clocks and other wall decorations need a hammer. Prices for a basic wood handle hammer start at $8.99.
  • Tape Measure – Home improvement and maintenance projects commonly require measuring. A 25-foot tape measure by Stanley costs $9.88.
  • Tool Box – Keep your tools organized and easy to find in a toolbox. Prices start at $10.42.

Prepackaged Starter Tool Set

Prepackaged sets are available containing the essential tools and more.  They also usually include a carrying case. When they cost less than buying everything separately, the quality might be lower. Prices start at $21.99.

Whether you decide to buy individual tools or a prepackaged set, having these six tools will cover many projects without busting your budget.

Readers, would you rather purchase individual tools or a prepackaged set? What would you add to the list of recommended tools?

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