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Everything You Need to Know to Replace a Garage Door Opener

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Homeowners can easily replace a garage door opener with the right information and preparation. Read on for details that will help you make a smart decision that fits your home situation and budget.

Garage doors are available with four different lift mechanisms varying in price, noise level and maintenance requirements.

Here are some different types and their prices at Home Depot in downstate Minnesota:

  • Chain Drive: The bicycle-like chain design is budget friendly but requires regular maintenance. Prices start at $128.
  • Belt Drive: This one is quiet but requires some maintenance. Prices start at $168.
  • Screw Drive: A threaded rod lift mechanism provides more power and is used for large and heavy doors. These openers require minimal maintenance but have a higher price tag, starting at $187.
  • Direct Drive: The stationary chain in a steel rail is extremely quiet and requires minimal maintenance. These are the most expensive type of opener, with a starting price of $251.

Features of Garage Door Openers

Standard garage door opener options include a wall mounted button, remote opener, and safety sensors. Additional options are available but expect to pay an additional $20 to $100 for each of them. Below are just a few types of extras.

  • Battery Backup: A battery provides power to the door during a power outage.
  • Keyless Entry: A keypad mounted outside the door can open and close the door.
  • Smart Door: A computer or mobile device can operate or monitor the door status remotely.

Installation Considerations

Homeowners installing an opener should consider the following:

  • Required tools include a screwdriver, socket set, and adjustable wrenches.
  • The installation will take three to four hours.
  • Some steps are easier with two people.
  • Garage doors taller than seven feet may require a rail extension kit costing $40 to $50.
  • The angle iron used to hang the opener may need to be moved.

Given the amount of time required for installation, homeowners may decide to have a professional do the work instead. Use this calculator to find the average cost to have a contractor replace a garage door opener in your area.

Readers, have you ever replaced a garage door opener? Were you properly prepared before you began?

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