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The Case for DIY

tool-384740_640We live in a world that exists and thrives on co-dependence. Society has somehow made it OK that we should seek out other people to do things for us, even the minor ones we could easily do ourselves. People spend crazy amounts of money on things that are so easy to do for the sake of convenience.

Here are some of the things you should start doing yourself:

1.     Events Planning

People tend to think that planning their own wedding or party is such a hassle when it’s not! Planning a wedding is as simple as making a list and just doing everything on it. List down all possible vendors, get in touch and ask for a quote. The same thing applies to the venue and catering service, with the added adventure of paying them a visit to see the venue and actually tasting the food they will serve.

It’s a lot more fun to plan a party yourself than to pay someone to do it for you. You’ll learn a lot about the process and get to flex your creative muscles. There is also the added benefit of knowing where you can save money, like on decorations, food, drinks and even table rentals. The internet has many articles on how to plan a party on a budget, so stop wasting your hard-earned money on events planners.

2.     Home Repairs

Here is another area where you can save money. Simple things such as replacing a doorknob or installing extra locks shouldn’t be outsourced to a locksmith. You don’t need any special skills to do these things, just basic tools to get the job done. If you’ve never replaced a doorknob or installed a lock, YouTube has a lot of videos on how these are done. The packaging will also have detailed instructions on how to do it, so you don’t have an excuse not knowing how to.

You can repair your floor, paint your walls, install weather stripping on windows and even fix your furniture if you have basic knowledge of how things work. When in doubt, Google is your friend. However, bigger and more dangerous jobs that you’re not confident you can pull off like roof repair or fixing your washing machine should be left to the professionals.

3.     Vehicle Maintenance

You can save thousands of dollars a year just by doing basic vehicle maintenance such as changing your oil and oil filter, replacing spark plugs and replacing your air filter. More complicated tasks such as replacing the brakes and changing the fluids can be learned if you’re willing to invest your time reading and watching tutorials online. This isn’t just for cars and trucks, but also for motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles.

Read the owner’s manual, do your research and ask around first (real mechanics, forums) before you do anything. There are a lot of videos online on how to change your own oil for example, so make sure you orient yourself on how to do it right. Call every auto-parts supplier in your area to find the most affordable part you need to save even more.

Look for online stores that have a large selection of Snowmobile parts or car parts and see if it’s cheaper to just buy it online and have it shipped to you. Most companies offer free shipping when you reach a certain purchase total, so online parts shops are worth a look.

Alive and Kicking

The spirit of DIY is not dead, not by a long shot. Many people still take pride in taking things apart and putting them back together. There’s pride in being able to do things yourself, without having to rely on anyone else. Self-sufficiency is a good way to save more money and life frugally, while teaching yourself and your loved ones the value of doing things yourself.

DIY is empowering, and self-reliance feels good.

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