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How A DIY YouTube Video Saved Me $85

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I’m a Do It Yourself kind of guy, and take pride in being open to learning new skills. Increasing the tools I have in my DIY tool belt not only enables me to be more self-sufficient, but also saves me money because I don’t have to pay a professional to do it for me. Sometimes those DIY skills get a little rusty if you don’t use them, as was the case over the weekend.

I was deep in football coma Sunday afternoon, when I became aware my wife was trying to get my attention. She had loaded the dishwasher, but when she started it up, there was a loud buzzing noise. This has happened before, and I paid $85 to have a repair person spend a few minutes removing some parts and extracting a piece of plastic that had become lodged in the blade that grinds up food particles before sending them down the drain. I had watched what the repair person had done, so I instantly grabbed my tool box knowing exactly what had to be done.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped.

I knew I had to remove some screws from the bottom of the unit, but after doing so I couldn’t seem to get to the motor housing and blade that I had remembered from the repair person’s visit. After about half an hour and some colorful language, my frustration level was extremely high. Suddenly an idea popped into my head, and I sat down in front of my computer.

YouTube to the rescue.

I searched for the model of my dishwasher along with the terms, “grinding noise.” I found a video that matched my search that was a two and a half minute video of someone doing exactly the same procedure on the exact model of dishwasher that I own. I watched the video, and nodded my head as the narrator explained the removal of one more piece that I had skipped.

Back to the dishwasher!

I quickly took out one more hidden screw, and was then able to remove entire unit from the bottom of the dish washer. The motor housing and blade were exposed, as was a zip tie that must have been left in a cup for some reason. I re-assembled my dish washer and started it up. It ran as quiet as a mouse.

“Fixed the newel post!” I said jokingly to my wife.

I knew what was wrong, and wasn’t going to pay another $85 to have someone remove another piece of plastic from the bowels of my dishwasher. Fortunately there are people that like to share their DIY skills through YouTube videos. I’m grateful that I found the video showing me exactly what to do. It relieved my frustration, got my dishwasher back running, and saved me $85.



Have you ever completed a DIY project with the help of a YouTube video? Have you ever created a YouTube video to help others?

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  • It’s amazing how much you can save if you are willing to try something yourself AND you know your limits. I’ve replaced a number of parts on my fridge, HVAC, pool pump, etc. I don’t doubt I’ve saved close to $1000 on labor alone by doing it myself, but again, you have to know your limits before breaking something more!

  • YouTube is great for repairs. I’ve watched videos that have taught me how to do some things along the lines of what you mentioned, and I’ve also watched videos that have made it clear on certain occasions that I have no business trying to make the repair! LOL!

  • Many, many times have I done this. I’ve identified car problems by matching the noise to those shown in videos, I’ve done lots of repairs and I’m following a 12 part shed building video series now, but the coolest was finding a probably a 1.5 hour video series covering the restoration of the exact old bicycle I had just bought (1978 Schwinn Suburban).

  • My husband just DIYed a huge home repair & saved around $10,000 with the help of free Internet resources & his brother’s expertise. This meant our emergency fund was untouched & he learned a lot of new skills. YouTube and other resources are so helpful. Great job on your fix.

  • @Norm – I’m not sure I could watch a YouTube video that was an hour and a half in length……but it you’re passionate about fixing up that bike, kudos to you!

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