Outrageously Expensive Household Items You Really Don’t Need

expensive household items, household items you don't need


Most people try to balance quality and price to fit within their personal budget.  However, you will be surprised at how expensive household items can be if money is not an issue. Here are seven examples.

Bathroom Faucet

Complete your bathroom remodel with a perfectly good $15 faucet (left), or add pizazz with a high-end model from Rohl made of Tuscan brass costing $848 (right).

Softball Bat

Many softball players believe they hit further with a high-quality bat. While softball bats like the Easton ESA Hammer cost $35.77 (left), players can take their game to a new level with the Louisville Slugger priced at $479 (right).


You can spend your sleeping hours on an inexpensive, uncomfortable mattress costing $55 (left), or you can sleep on one stuffed with alpaca, wool, and horsehair (right). This luxury mattress cost $15,933.


A package of pens from an office supply store cost less than $15 (left), but people who take penmanship seriously buy a Parker brand luxury ballpoint pen imported from Japan for $7,330 (right).

Light Bulbs

A package of boring regular light bulbs costs less than $10 (left). But technology lovers prefer the Phillips Hue light system: A four-pack of Hue bulbs cost $199, are individually controlled through your Wi-Fi, and can be set to any color under the sun (right).


The more than adequate Weber Kettle grill costs less than $99 (left), or you could drain your checking account of $1,229 for the extra large Big Green Egg (right). Made of ceramic, it includes a lifetime warranty and sears steaks beautifully.


The average person might spend $180 on a Tefal cookware set (left).  However, for $2,907 you can use the same copper Mepra cookware found in the finest hotels in the world (right).

The more expensive items are perceived to be higher quality.  Whether or not they are worth the extreme difference in price is up to you.

Readers, would you ever consider buying any of these outrageously expensive household items? Do you know anyone who has?

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