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Budget-Friendly Products by Your Favorite Brands

What would you buy if money was no object? A long list of luxury items are probably running through your head right now — a handbag by an uber-luxe fashion brand, a beautiful car driven only by the world’s wealthy elite, a second home in a European town. Or you can think frugally and pick up one of these budget-friendly products by your favorite brands without breaking the bank. Your friends don’t have to know you found them at a steal. Here are five products to tempt you.

2017 Chevy Camaro

A car is undoubtedly a significant investment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality brand-name car at a good price. For example, the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro retails for just $25,000. It features 1LE handling on both V8 and V6 models with manual transmission and ranks high for its safety standards. It’s also a smaller, lighter and more powerful car to drive than its predecessors. In fact, the 2017 Camaro was named the 2016 Motor Trend Car of the Year for its affordability and efficiency.

iPhone SE

Apple products have never been known for their cheap price tag, but there is an iPhone that’s affordable while still retaining its cutting-edge functionality and sleek aesthetic. The iPhone SE with 32 gigabytes of storage retails for under $350 and comes in Silver, Gold, Space Gray or Rose Gold. You’re really not missing out on much with its A9 chip, 4-inch retina display and a 12mp camera. Everyone will think it’s worth way more than you paid for it and you can save your money on that $1,000 iPhone X.

Tiffany & Co. Yard Pendant

From sterling silver cufflinks to diamond rings, it’s easy to quickly spend a few thousand dollars at Tiffany & Co. There’s just something about that Tiffany blue satchel and box that are almost a status symbol of the world’s finest jewelry. However, you can pick up an elegant item from Tiffany for $250 or less. Their Color by the Yard Pendant features a sterling silver chain with round pink sapphire and pairs well with one of their similarly priced sterling silver bracelets.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon has stepped into the spotlight for creating its own brand name products. Although their tablets and other items are already reasonably priced, the Echo Dot is downright budget-friendly. For under $50, the device offers the same hands-free, voice-controlled functionality and technology that Alexa uses to play your favorite music and control your smart home devices. It can also send and receive messages and read the news. It’s handy, affordable and can hear you from across the room.

Prada Drawstring Pouch

Designer handbags cost a pretty penny and don’t necessarily last that long if you use it for everyday wear. You can save some money by picking up a knock-off, but it won’t have the same authenticity and quality as the real thing. Some designers even released budget-friendly options like Prada Vela Drawstring pouch in black with silvertone hardware. It’s convenient for work or a day out on the town while still offering that upscale Prada look that brand enthusiasts love.

Being frugal can open up your eyes to brands you never knew could be budget friendly. Coming home with the brand names you love without the hysteria surrounding the price tag can suddenly make shopping fun and stress free again.


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