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Tips to Save Children From Abduction

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In the United States of America, from the past couple of years kidnapping has become one of the most growing crime. Because of this increasing trend of child kidnapping, the parents have become almost paranoid about the safety of their children. Previously kidnapping was done mostly for ransom but now the trend is changing with the growing psychotic problems among the people, the number of children abducted by pedophiles have increased drastically.

Due to these changing scenarios, kidnapping has become the biggest concern of U.S parents these day. As with every passing day the number of reported cases are being increased. According to a report published the number of missing persons especially children have increased six-fold in past 25 years.The basic reason behind these increasing casesis the lack of knowledge among parents.

There are basically three main types of kidnapping in the United States and they are;

  • Family kidnapping

The first type of kidnapping i.e. family kidnapping is the most common type. Around 49% of the reported cases of kidnapping are of family kidnapping. Family kidnapping is mostly conducted by one of the parents in which the percentages of mothers or female relatives is more than the males. The most affected kids are under the age of six.  

  • Acquaintance kidnapping

This type of kidnapping is usually done by a person who is familiar to the family. These types of kidnapping are more prone to sexual and physical assaults and results in injured victims. The largest number of victims are females and teenagers.

  • Stranger kidnapping

In this type of kidnapping, the culprit is a stranger. The majority of victims are females. These cases usually occur outside and are usually with in the first few kilometers of their house. The abducted female victims becomes the victim of sexual abuse. And these types of cases sometimes ends in the death of the victim.

As per statistics only one child in every 10,000 victims is found dead where as in case of kidnapping by strangers this percentage of death is 20%. In case of kidnapping by stranger, quick action is required otherwise the results can be horrifying because in majority of the cases children are being murdered with in the first 3 to 4 hours of kidnapping.

So, the first step to ensure the protection of your child is to look around and observe what type of potential threat you are dealing with. Due to this growing rate of child abduction, many parents have become over obsessed with their children’s security.

There are certain ways in which you can make your children aware for how to keep themselves secure from kidnapping and they are;

  • Develop friendly relationship with your kids and ensure them that you trust them completely
  • Tell your children that they should not interact unnecessarily with the strangers
  • In case of any assault, teach your child to try to escape by any means.
  • Tell your children not to use any deserted road or path so they can avoid encountering dangerous situations.
  • Give awareness to your children about kidnapping in this way they can assess dangerous situations easily and act accordingly.  

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