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How Costco Liquor Prices Compare to Sam’s Club

Costco liquor prices include savings of up to 39% over Trader Joe’s and up to 28% compared to local liquor stores.

Costco liquor prices compared to others.

However, Costco liquor prices are almost identical to those at Sam’s Club. More details on the differences

Here comes a detailed price comparison of popular beer brands available at Costco, Sam’s Club, and a local liquor store in Rochester, MN (about an hour south of the Twin Cities).

Note that alcohol prices can vary depending on regional inflation, but you can calculate how much higher or lower prices may be in your area by using a cost of living calculator.

Costco Liquor Prices Compared

CostcoSam’s ClubLocal
Corona, 24 pack$22.89$22.96$29.98
Stella, 24 pack$24.49$24.26$29.98
Bud Light, 24 pack$15.99$15.96$19.99
Michelob Light, 24 pack$15.99$15.96$19.99
Coors Light, 24 pack$15.99$14.96$19.99

Next up: prices of popular hard liquor brands at Costco, Sam’s Club, and the same local liquor store. Plus, the following comparison includes  Trader Joe’s, which does not sell the most popular beer brands but does sell hard liquor.

CostcoSam’s ClubLocalTrader Joe’s
1.75 L/Per Oz1.75L/Per Oz1.75L/Per Oz1L/Per Oz
Fireball Whiskey$19.25/$0.33$19.28/$0.33$27.99/$0.47N/A
Jack Daniel’s$33.99/$0.57$33.99/$0.57$46.99/$0.79$28.99/$0.86
Tanqueray Gin$28.49/$0.48$28.56/$0.48$37.99/$0.64$22.99/$0.68
Captain Morgan Rum$19.99/$0.34$19.99/$0.34$24.99/$0.42$18.99/$0.56
Jameson Irish Whiskey$35.99/$0.61$39.48/$0.67$45.99/$0.78$27.99/$0.83

Costco Liquor Prices, Analyzed

As you can see in the two charts above, the prices varied by only a few cents between Costco and Sam’s Club. However, Costco liquor prices were between 20% (Bud Light and Michelob Light) to 28% (Jack Daniel’s) lower than a local liquor store, and between 27% (Jameson) and 39% (Captain Morgan) lower than Trader Joe’s.

Shopping at Costco liquor stores do have some drawbacks compared to local liquor stores:

  • Limited Variety – Costco liquor stores carry only the most popular brands and types of alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a specific bottle of wine, a craft beer, or a less popular type of liquor, it likely won’t be found at Costco
  • Bulk Only – Costco typically carries liquor only in 11.75-liter bottles. If a smaller bottle is desired, visit a local full-service liquor store.

Readers, where do you prefer to purchase alcohol and what kind of prices do you pay for it?

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