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Here Are 3 of the Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

best vacuum cleaner under 100
Keeping your home clean is big business for big business. Over 130 million vacuum cleaner units will be shipped out by 2024. The vacuum cleaner business is worth about $17.5 billion a year annually by conservative estimates. Additionally, vacuum cleaner shipments stand to increase by about 3% by 2024 as well.

The business keeps getting bigger because more and more people are buying homes. They are also filling their homes with furniture, belongings, carpets, and rugs which generate dust and the need for constant cleaning.

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $100

While the vacuum cleaner is a great tool for cleaning quickly and efficiently, nothing is free. The price of residential electricity rose by over 2% in 2018. No, a vacuum cleaner won’t break your energy bill. It’s leaving the lights on, the TV on, and other little extraneous energy uses that increases the bill. The average vacuum cleaner costs anywhere from $150 to $500. Some models can easily surpass $1,000. High power vacuum cleaners eat lots of electricity over time.

Expensive vacuum cleaners may have additional attachments you don’t need, useless fancy features like digital displays, and the illusion of advanced features. A vacuum should be durable and efficient. You need a vacuum cleaner that cleans. Period. Not too cheap and not too expensive. I made a list of the best vacuum cleaners under $100, which is the optimal price you should pay for one.

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH71250

This is a great vacuum cleaner that is worth every penny. It is durable and gets the job done. Hoover’s proprietary multi-cyclonic technology innovation provides this vacuum cleaner’s power. All that means is that the vacuum doesn’t lose suction power while in use. It is a bagless vacuum with a 12-amp motor and can capture under a gallon’s worth of dust.

It weighs just over 16 pounds. The power cord is over 25 feet long and retracts within seconds for added convenience. It comes with a two-year warranty. The Hoover WindTunnel 2 costs about $95.

Bissell 1825 Cleanview Plus Rewind Upright Bagless Vacuum

This vacuum is notable for its Triple Action Brush Roll feature. Bissel promotes this brush roll system as being more efficient in loosening and lifting dirt from carpets, rugs, and floor crevices. Its powerful 8-amp motor provides great suction power and is designed to cut down on debris scatter.

This vacuum weighs about 15 pounds, can contain about 0.26 gallons of dust, comes with a 25-foot retractable cord, and has a three-year warranty. You can buy the Bissell 1825 Cleanview Plus for about $85.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Premium SV1106

This is a lightweight, cordless vacuum with a rechargeable battery. The batteries take about three to four hours to fully charge. At full power, you can vacuum for over half an hour. This model features a swivel steering system that makes maneuvering while cleaning easy and efficient. It weighs less than eight pounds and is easy to carry and maneuver while in use.

Its removable dust container has a 0.29-gallon capacity and is easy to remove and clean out. It comes with its own storage dock which also doubles as charging dock. The Shark Navigator Freestyle has a one-year warranty and can be purchased for about $80.

Clean Up With a Cheaper Vacuum

When you are looking for a good vacuum, make sure that it is durable and cleaning efficient. If you opt to buy an expensive vacuum, chances are you’re paying for a brand name and advanced features that don’t add to its cleaning performance. As I have learned from testing different models, you can often buy a great vacuum for less than $100.

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