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10 Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas

You have been invited to your close friend’s wedding – or maybe one where a relative is getting hitched. In these ‘I do’ ceremonies, guests are expected to show up with a gift or two. There are some tried and tested gifts, but then who likes boring.

  • Today, many people getting married have a gift list of stuff they would prefer to have.
  • If you can get them something from the list, go for it.
  • Sometimes however, you do not want to confine yourself to a pre-meditated list.

Someone adventurous and limitless like you should bring along something that will not only appeal to the newlyweds, but also stick around for long. That is the exact reason why we looked at some wedding gift ideas and bring you the best ten. There were others we found, but we discarded them.


  • Furniture


Tables, chairs, ottomans, lounges and bookcases are the best furniture to use as wedding gifts. You should also try it out with stools, sofa sets, a bed or a wardrobe. The furniture you gift at a wedding should be well constructed and made of durable wood. It is best to go for the best quality you can get even if the furniture item is small. It will save you the embarrassment of hearing your gift ceased being useful soon after the wedding!

                                                           Furniture makes great wedding gifts


  • Picture Frames


Strong sturdy picture frames of high quality show how thoughtful you are. If you gift one of these to the married couple on their wedding, be sure they will want to put a wedding photo in it. You will have saved them an unavoidable cost, and they will thank you for it. If you feel that one picture frame is not enough, feel free to splurge on more. Gifting the newlyweds with a set of frames is not bad. They can use one for their living room, another in the bedroom, maybe one for the groom to use in his office et cetera.


  • A Bottle of Whiskey


Gift them a bottle of some strong whiskey – or is it fiery scotch that the groom loves? As long as you are sure the newlyweds are not teetotalers, you cannot go wrong with an alcoholic drink as a gift.

Sadly for you, the alcohol will not last long. So, you cleverly add something else that will last for years – and is not very expensive for you. How about some jewelry or fashion accessory to accompany the bottle of strong drink? We found some very cute lapel pins by Vivipins that the groom and bride will wear proudly on their chests – and remember you for their lifetime.

                                                              Gift them a bottle of whiskey or something stronger


  • Linens


Go down a rarely trodden path in wedding gifts by bringing along some linens. These are useful in the bed, bath and around the house. They make great table cloths and dish towels for the newly married couple. If you have the money, buy them lots of linens that they can also use in some of their upholstery and apparel. Maybe the couple can save some of the linen and get matching shirts to remember you by.


  • Pots and Pans


This is one of the tried and tested ones. Despite our willingness and extreme desire to not list this one here, it is just unavoidable. Help the newlyweds set up their kitchen by giving them a pot or a pan. Sets of these all-important items are a great way to do it. The more of these that are given to the couple, the better – for when the young ones arrive! Make sure to by only the best, strongest, durable pots or pans for your wedding gift.

              Cooking pans for various kitchen uses


  • Barware


You know the couple is soon going to be having sleepless nights due to the howling of babies. SO, you gift them some barware for when they need to relax with a glass of wine – or something stronger – in hand. And…voila, you are their favorite wedding guest! Barware that you cannot go wrong with as a wedding gift is mainly glasses, bottle openers and shakers. Due to the fragile nature of barware, be sure to use plenty of padding when boxing and wrapping your gift.


  • Picnic Basket


Gift the marrying couple with a picnic basket. It shows you at least wish them to have a life outside their house. A picnic basket is not difficult to find. You may not like plastic baskets, but they are built to last. Other types of materials may backfire on you. Subtle colors that one feels comfortable with are your safest gamble. Do not over do things and end up gifting people with something they are not so ready to step out of the house with.


  • Home appliances


Home appliances are practical gifts that go a long way in making the new life of the newlyweds so much easier. They serve specific purposes in the house and are part of daily life. If you bring along a home appliance as your wedding gift, you will be solving a specific problem for the marrying couple. Common home appliances to gift newlyweds are microwave ovens, refrigerators, television sets, vacuum cleaner, window fans and gas fireplaces. Try out one and you will not land far from the mark.

                                       A vacuum cleaner


  • Baking Dishes


Food is definitely going to be prepared in the newlyweds’ house. Baking is a central part of food preparation in many homes. So, how about your gift the couple with a few baking dishes? They break all the time, so even if they already have some you have just gifted them some replacements. Your options when buying baking dishes range from buying all of the same size, or a set which is made up of differently sized dishes. It is your choice to make – not us.


  • Table Lamp


A table lamp for the newlyweds is sure to catch their attention. We hope the couple is going to be careful with your lamp gift so it lasts for long. These lamps come in a variety of options today. You can have neons, LEDs or the traditional ‘bulb’ table lamp. Additionally, you have stylish options to choose from such as hearts and rings for your gift lamp. When packaging your lamp, take steps to prevent damage during transport and handling.

                               Explore different unique table lamp designs, technologies and styles

Being boring is not an option in your wedding gift. It is alright to check with the marrying couple and hear their gift preferences, but you must not confine yourself to those choices. . Buying a wedding gift that you have thought of gives you many options. It also allows you to retain the element of surprise when the newly married couple opens the gift box! Surprise the newlyweds with a unique item from these 10. It is true that checks are a fairly safe way to go, but so is spending the money on something practical.

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