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What timing! Bankrate posted about “Free” offers too

When browsing through my Google homepage “Financial” tab, I noticed that had an article whose title piqued my interest:

“When is a freebie offer really free?”

They mention the “Free product with referrals” and “Free product with purchase” promotions that I had pointed out in my article “How I get Laptops and Plasma TVs for Free“. They also talk about Surveys, which have their own unique issues.

It’s a 4-page article, which makes me glad I didn’t try to cram all that information into my own post, since they were writing it already. But we’re on the same page about checking up on the companies, reading the terms & conditions, and finding contact information.

The Bankrate article is a good companion to my own post, and it provides some more examples and different insights into these promotions.

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