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We’ve hit over 900 subscribers!

On August 21st, we hit 800 subscribers, and today, we hit 911 subscribers! It’s an unfortunate number, but it’s over 900 nonetheless. Here’s the Feedburner screenshot, in case we drop back below 900 tomorrow (which we probably will, but I’ll explain why):

over 900 subscribers for

We’ll probably drop down because that number includes both those who subscribed through email, as well as through RSS Feed. The RSS readers only report about the people who downloaded the feed on that day (yesterday to be exact), rather than all the people who have permanently in the reader. So, many people download all the feeds on Monday, then wait again till another day to catch up. That’s why you’ll see my numbers flutter between 10-50 per day throughout the week, and especially on weekends.

Here is the breakdown of my subscriber types:

clever dude subscriber detail

Next stop…1000!!!

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  • Congrats! My numbers were stalled over the past few months though they’re starting to slowly creep up – I still get excited about an increase of 5 people. Stats can be fun but they can also be unnerving.

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