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Weekly Roundup: Tired of Pennsylvania Edition

This weekend, we drive yet again to Pennsylvania to visit family. Next weekend, we go to visit friends (pregnant and due in August). And then again to visit friends and family. We’ve already gone there a couple times this summer already. It’s not a hard drive, assuming we don’t leave on Friday, and these are special people in our lives, but it’s exhausting and we have so much to do in our own home each weekend (much less the term paper and projects I have for my class).

Anyway, here are some of my favorite articles from the week.

From the Personal Finance Network:

This week, the PFN held its first ever Group Writing Project. The topic? Frugal Summer Fun. You can see my topic and the links to the rest of the PFN articles at “Summer Fun Guide: Frugal Summer Fun for Kids (of all ages)“:

Blunt Money writes about having everything you want. My grandma says she doesn’t need anything for Christmas, but got mad one year when we only got her a card. We learned people don’t always mean what they say that year.

Money Ning asks if you adjusted your automatic investment contributions yet this year.

Squawkfox (who apparently is a streaker…don’t ask) hosted this week’s Festival of Frugality. Great job!

Canadian Capitalist reviewed “The Intelligent Portfolio” and is having a Giveaway! You can still enter by 8pm EST Friday (just a few hours away!).

Four Pillars has a wacky business idea: a virtual mail drop. Read on to find out what it is.

From My Reader List:

– Philip from Wise Bread opens up the question of living frugally and still dealing with life’s realities.

– Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity exposes the shortcomings of the Energy Star label and also analyzes our progression to abolishing money (think Star Trek)

– JLP from All Financial Matters brings up a good point about how you can make carts say whatever you want.

– Nickel from FiveCentNickel reminds us to rotate our tires. Too bad he had to learn from a mistake!

– Trent from The Simple Dollar has advice for those who absolutely hate managing money. I know a few people like this, and they dislike money-talk so much that it would even be tough to get them to read an article about it!

– Since we’re still mulling moving out of the D.C. area, David’s article from My Two Dollars about 5 ways to determine where you should be living is vary appropriate.

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