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Weekly Roundup: Pennsylvania, County Fairs and Car Sales Edition

I think this is our last planned trip to Pennsylvania for the summer, but I’m sure we’ll end up squeezing in another one to see friends or family before September. But this time, we’re actually taking a few extra days off work to go to the local county fair in my wife’s home town. We’ll be seeing my family and friends first, then her family, then heading off to indulge in deep-fried Twinkies until my arteries burst with cream-filled goodness.

And last night, I took pictures of the truck to post for sale. I’m not posting until after we get back from our mini-vacation, just so I’ll be available to show the truck. Plus, we’re testing the Pontiac on another long-distance trip to verify it’s road-worthiness if it were to be my primary vehicle.

So here’s the roundup. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time this week to ready many articles, so I’ll just be able to highlight my fellow writers for the Personal Finance Network:

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