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Ways to Save Money #15: Wear Socks or Slippers at Home

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This is part fifteen of the Ways to Save Money Series.

Now that we’re on the topic of keeping warm in your home (see Blocking Off Unused Rooms), let’s look at a way to keep your body warm while you’re hanging out in your home.

In our home, we have a “No Shoes” policy past the front door. We do this to keep the floors clean and keep the germs out as best as we can. But the problem with walking around the house in the winter without shoes on is that our tootsies get chilly. As you may know from your own experience, when your feet are cold, the rest of your body quickly follows.

I’ve never been one to wear socks when I’m not wearing shoes. The socks tend to bunch up at the heel, or spin around at the toes (unless they’re really tight socks). Furthermore, I simply refused to wear socks or slippers when I could easily turn up the furnace! But that’s not the point of this series, now is it. The point is to find ways to save money, either through complex or simple methods.

So for me, instead of taking off my socks when I come in from outside, I now either keep them on, or slip on a pair of shiny new Isotoner slippers (bought on sale for 70% off). I’ve found that even though my upper body still gets chilly when I’ve been sitting at the desk or on the sofa for a while, I don’t mind it as much because my feet aren’t cold. Honestly, I could lower the average furnace temperature a couple degrees. Well, if I lived by myself. I still have to think about Stacie. I don’t think living next to Hades would keep her warm enough.
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  • Call me a frumpy mom, but I love wearing my slippers to keep my feet warm. I think if people just dressed for the season, they could save a lot of money on their bills. It cracks me up when I go to someone’s house and they are wearing a t-shirt and have their heat cranked up to eighty 🙂

  • We also have a no shoes policy at our apartment. When your upper body feels cold, try wearing a hat. 80% of your body heat escapes from your head.

  • I wear slippers in winter, but I like to go barefoot in summer.

    Having a no-shoes rule is essential for taking care of any kind of floor. I am glad you have that policy. I dedicated an entire blog to this subject.

  • …Like being barefoot, with added comfort/warmth/color & fashion: the soft feel of lambskin leather against your tired barefeet. Try a pair of DONOVAN Slippers.

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