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Ways to Earn and Save Money for College Students

earn money as a college student

Some remember college as the best time of their lives. Where there was lesser responsibility on your shoulders, where every day was as fun and interesting as the previous one. It is a phase of our life where it feels there are thousands paths waiting for you, where you are just blossoming into what you will become one day. Even with all the fun you have in college, it can be tough sometimes. Studies, assignments, practical assessments; It all can get very stressful. But, there is one more thing that could give you a really hard time. It is the money crunch I am talking about.

Every college student you find has a lot of ideas in his/her head of having fun. Most of those require an amount of money to be spent.  Much to the sadness of college students, they run on a very tight budget. Working part time and studying along with it can be extremely tough for a student.  When all the cash seems to disappear by the end of month, it can get really depressing.

Here are a few tips and tricks to earn or save money for you people;

  1. Be Smart- This is for ones who like to spend much on items considered luxurious by a student. Governments provide huge amenities to students; so be sure to seek them out and use those for saving bucks. Go for a credit card that rewards you properly with points. Seek out discount coupons online whenever available. Try to be aware of competitions that give out purchase coupons; they could help save a lot of money.
  2. Buy wisely- Only buy stuff that is really useful or that will help you in the future. If you are buying an appliance, only go for durability and not for style. Just like buying a car that has more mileage than cutting-edge looks. Whenever buying something, get into negotiation mode and use that skill hard to save some cash.
  3. Do not buy new textbooks- You know how expensive new books are. If a student has many classes he has opted for, he/she will be left with no money left to spend. Original books come pricey, and for a reason too. You can try renting the books from your seniors, or rental stores. If those aren’t available nearby you can search for free e-books available. If that option is out of limits as well, you can very well search an online community of students and ask from there. ThanksForTheHelp is one such platform where they have a worldwide community of students.
  4. Start serving up your skill- There are multiple websites available that will help you earn some money employing your skill and expertise. Websites like Upwork can be a big help if you have any skill or expertise that could help out people. People seek freelancers to get small tasks done. All you need is to create a profile and set your own rates.
  5. Writing Assignments- If you are good at studies, you can go ahead and write stuff for other students. Like you, other students also get a limited amount of time and students residing in a foreign country look to offload some of the work from their busy life. You can write essays for students on websites like OnlineAssignmentWriting or write assignments on TopAssignmentExperts. There are multiple platforms to get on and earn money like this.
  6. Blogging- Though not an easy task, it will get you heaps of money if all goes well. First, you need to identify the content on which you can write on. After figuring that out, you can go ahead and test the waters by publishing a few articles. If you start getting views, it will help your confidence in writing. Be active and publish frequently, also asking your readers if they would like any changes. Feedback will allow you to reach new heights.
  7. Become an affiliate- Startups and established multinational companies both offer a range of affiliate programs. These are meant to market the product and service of a company. That is why the companies pay people to bring in customers. You can start out and earn some money through this method. Amazon did a program like this where people earned huge amounts for promotion. You can even try out small startups like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp where they will get you some money for becoming an affiliate.
  8. Do Odd Jobs- A student has a lot more energy and enthusiasm than their older counterparts. It is a charm of youth, energy. You can try out various websites like Craigslist where people post various types of odd jobs that pay well. Even standing in line or walking someone’s dogs will pay well. All you have to do is seek out the opportunities.
  9. Research Assistant- This one is more for the students with high academic grades. You can try getting this job in your college and it will get you tons of benefits. It will even help you get that tuition fee removed and will allow you to interact well to gain guidance from your professor. You can try this one or search for any University job posted on the notice board. There are always a few updates each week; so be sure to check those.

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