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Watch the first Love Drop…and see what J Money really looks like!

My online and real-life friend “J Money” from is co-leading a new endeavor that I’ve written about here before called Love Drop. It’s a way for you to contribute to those with a specific need and then watch the action unfold when that gift is finally presented.

The first Love Drop was Jill, a single mom who lost her job, then lost her daughter. After she was homeless, she finally found housing, only to lose everything to a fire. The goal was to raise $2,500, but the team, Kona Grill and the members of Love Drop helped excel above and beyond the original goal with even more gifts.

Watch the Love Drop unfold below and read more over at J Money’s site. Oh, J Money is the dude with the ‘hawk if you can’t tell. And this is his first public appearance outside of us bloggers who have met him in person. You just learn to not judge a book by its look:

You may have to click through the RSS or email article to watch the video.

I’ll be writing about the next Love Drop very shortly, and it’s a big one so go over and join Love Drop now and help out!

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