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Washburn Bass Guitar Sale is a Success

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks since I posted that I sold my 5-string Washburn XB925 Bass Guitar to a young gent in Belgium. I was worried it would end as a scam, but unless you’re receiving cold, hard cash (which could be counterfeit anyway), you never can be sure of the sale.

But last night I came home to an email from “the Belgian”, who may in fact be a reader of this site so I don’t want to give his name away. He emailed both the shipper and myself:

Just wanted to let you know, the bass finally arrived. It has been sitting at foreign customs for over a week, but finally got them to clear it and have it sent to me. The two boxes came in intact and the neck as well as the body are in pristine condition. Thanks for the great packing and shipping.

Thanks again, guys! If you ever wanna visit Europe or Belgium, let me know.

I wondered what he meant by “the two boxes”, since I sold both the bass and the hardshell case. I asked the Belgian about this statement and here was his response:

I left the case with (the shipper), and he sent me the bass in two pieces! Neck and body were detached to keep the shipping costs low. It turned out to save me about $200 !!! That can buy me any case I want.

The bass is in great shape and plays and sounds amazing. Just as I expected!
Thanks again for your trust in me.

So it looks like all parties were happy. I got the money ($750), the shipper got a new hardshell case (and maybe some other payment), and the Belgian got an awesome bass guitar that he seems to really like. Oh, and I got proof that the buyer got what he wanted in case he ever claimed fraud with his credit card company or Paypal. However, I don’t think that would happen at this point. The Belgian seems like a good, honest guy.

So maybe Stacie and I will hop over the Belgium when we visit Europe, whenever that would be. We’d get to see my old bass being played in a blues band, the way it was meant to be played.

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  • I am glad that you got this sorted out. I had bought many things from US before. I usually have to wait several weeks if not months for the package to arrive because I don’t want to pay the extra for fast shipment.

  • Glad it all went well! It contines to amazes me how technology has made the world marketplace more and more accessible. I sold a couple dress shirts on ebay to some dude in Germany a couple months ago. Strange.

  • I can’t believe you sold your xb925 for 750. That is the only instrument washburn ever made that means anything. It is one of the best “unknown” basses around. I hope you enjoyed your fling with that belgian whore!

  • Earl, it’s either own something I don’t use or sell it. I’ve tried to sell it for more, but there were never any takers (I tried for over a year). And looking on eBay, it’s always flooded with the same bass and they never sold anyway.

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