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Vote today and get FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!

This morning we got in line at 6:20am at our Maryland polling location, behind 15 other early-risers. By the time the polls opened at 7am, the line had swelled to over 100. We had a bit of a scare once we started voting as a number of the machines failed. After a quick fix, we were up and running again. By 7:15am, Stacie and I had both voted and were on our way to work. As a note, Stacie and I voted for different candidates. Don’t worry, it won’t cause a rift on our marriage 🙂

But if you do vote today, your little “I voted” sticker can get you some free goodies:

I believe that California has laws against “rewarding the populace for voting”, so these giveaways may not apply for you in CA.

UPDATE: As I drink my Starbucks coffee, I’m reminded of how awful it really tastes. It’s bitter and burnt and no amount of sweetener or milk can dilute or sweeten the taste. But hey, it’s free caffeine. I just can see why people buy this stuff normally. Even their flavored drinks are bitter.

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  • It’s because some people like the over-roasted taste. So much so, that whenever they try to introduce lighter roasts, the consumer population revolts. That’s why they ended up buying Seattle’s Best (in the States) and Second Cup (in Canada), so they could profit on the rest of the population that enjoys coffee tasting like coffee, without ticking off their fan-base. 😉
    Oh… But the Arabian Mocha Sunani is so yummy… you never ever get that on tap though. *laugh* And I sure as heck wouldn’t actually pay for it (last I checked, $25/lbs). But, man… I miss my markouts. Someday, if you’re ever bored, go in in the afternoon, and ask them to make you a french-pressed sample of it. If nothing else, you might get a nice chat with a bored barista about the nitpickyness of coffee and life, which is what Starbucks is actually selling anyway.
    Flowers… @};-

  • I see companies giving away free stuff as another marketing component to their business. Even though they want to reward you for getting out to vote, it also adds more revenue to their businesses.

  • if you get the chance, i recommend wawa convenience store’s coffee. good flavors like chocolate caramel and vanilla. varieties of flavored creamers and milks and sweeteners too. best of all the largest cup is only $1.56. YUM

  • machines…bah…give me voting cards like the old days…trusting machines, i think we fell for that trick before 🙁

    btw, some states free stuff constitutes a felony, i think georgia is one of them

  • Well, over here in Malaysia, we get lots of goodies too.. but they are usually sponsored by individual parties.. even up to a free complete, wholesome dinner or travelling claims. But I haven’t seen so far companies that just give out freebies for anyone that votes for any party.

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