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Update on the missing

For all of you fans, you may be wondering why the site is down. I emailed Juan (aka 1mil) and here’s his response:


Well well. Thanks for your concern. I’m having issues with my domain registrar. My domain name expired and is a vile company that gave me the wrong authorization code to transfer my domain to dreamhost. You can tell the concerned community of this. I can’t do anything about it for now. Sorry.


We miss you 1mil and Foro Juan!

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  • ^_^ Yeah I’m sorry about that. I loathe they are evil money grubbers. In any case this will give me time to regroup ^_^.

    Thanks for showing love.

    As always,

  • I’ve also had problems with 1and1. They overcharged me and when I contacted them to correct it their customer service was very rude. They refused to refund my money. I ended up doing a chargeback through my credit card company which costs them more than doing a refund.

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