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Top tips to make the most of your money

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With the economy being the way it is at present, it’s never a bad idea to think about ways to have a little extra cash at your disposal. Choosing a credit card with a good rate of interest rate is one way to make this possible, but before you do, you could try some of the following tips to leave you with a few extra pounds in your pocket.

Look for special offers

We all need a treat from time to time, but whether it’s going out for a meal, heading to the cinema or going for a day out, it’s worth seeing if any voucher codes or special offers are available. These can often be found online, with websites like Groupon and LivingSocial making finding them even easier. These organisations work with various businesses to provide subscribers with regular updates of deals in their specified geographical area.

Shop around for a better deal

Shopping around has never been easier, so if you’re still in the habit of buying items on impulse then it might be worth taking a step back. A little patience could help you find a better deal elsewhere and for more expensive goods the savings can be substantial. It might be worth checking the internet for an overview of prices, as online stores are often cheaper than those found on the high street. And if you decide you want a little extra cash, then make sure you do your research and compare credit cards for the best rates of interest

And although household bills are a non-optional expense, it’s still worth finding out if changing providers could help to save you cash. Take a peek at your most recent bills and if you feel the costs are excessive find out if they can be beaten elsewhere.

Cut your transportation costs

Whether you travel to work in your car or use public transport there could be ways to reduce your expenses. With rising petrol costs making getting to work getting more expensive for many of us, why not find out if any of your colleagues would be open to sharing driving duties? Taking turns to get behind the wheel could prove financially beneficial to you both.

And if you use public transport then it’s always worth investing in a season ticket if possible, as this can lead to some substantial savings in comparison to buying on a more short-term basis.

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