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Three Meals Using Walmart Rotisserie Chicken For $10

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I was picking out bananas while doing my usual Saturday morning grocery shopping when the air was suddenly filled with a delicious smell. I tracked the the source to the deli where I found fresh, fully cooked, whole Walmart rotisserie chickens had just been put out for sale. For less than $5, one of these golden brown birds could be mine. My mind instantly went into overdrive thinking of all the ways I could use a Walmart rotisserie chicken as the base for an inexpensive yet easy and quick to prepare meal for my family.

Classic Chicken Meal Using Walmart Rotisserie Chicken

The obvious choice is to separate the chicken into the legs, thighs, and breast. The meal can be completed with some premade Bob Evan’s mashed potatoes, a bag of frozen corn, and crescent rolls.

Cost of meal:

  • Walmart Rotisserie Chicken: $4.98
  • Bob Evan’s Mashed Potatoes : $2.96
  • Great Value Frozen Corn: $0.98
  • Great Value Crescent Rolls: $1.62

Total Meal Cost: $10.54

Pulled Walmart Rotisserie Chicken Sandwiches

Another option is to pull the chicken off the bone and put it on Hawaiian sweet rolls for sandwiches. This makes for a perfect lunch!

Cost of meal:

  • Walmart Rotisserie Chicken: $4.98
  • Package of 12 Hawaiian Sweet Rolls: $1.98
  • Bag of Lays Potato Chips: $2.99

Total Meal Cost: $9.95

Walmart Rotisserie Chicken And Wild Rice Soup

For those code Midwestern winter weekends, chicken and wild rice soup will fill you up and keep you warm. This recipe makes 8-10 cups of soup, so there’s sure to be leftovers!

Cost of Meal

  • Walmart Rotisserie Chicken: $4.98
  • Shore Lunch Wile Rice Soup Mix: $2.98
  • 2oz Slivered Almonds: $1.44

Total Meal Cost: $9.44

Every family chef has to make trade offs to provide the best food possible given their limited budget and time resources. Walmart rotisserie chicken is a great option as a base for many delicious yet quick to prepare and budget friendly meals!

How about you, Clever Friends, have you ever smelt the delicious aroma of a fully cooked Walmart rotisserie chicken as you walked through the store? Do you have your own easy to make meal?

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