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The reason for my 2 hour commute home today was…

This guy:

He is a wanted thief who ran into the Bethesda metro station when police identified him. He then assaulted an officer on a train, jumped off and ran down the tracks towards Medical Center. They closed both stations and had to bus people (me included) from Friendship Heights to the north.

The line for a bus was huge, so I jumped on the first one I saw. It only got me as far as Bethesda, where Stacie battled traffic to pick me up.

Here’s the Fox5 news post

And here’s the WMATA news post

Jerk. If I see him, I’m gonna give him an atomic wedgie.

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  • Looks a wee bit like one of the fellas from Milli Vanilli…

    Based on the news story, it doesn’t appear that he’s a violent criminal and while I’m all in favor of the police pursuing suspects more diligently, it seems a little drastic to snarl traffic in a metro area for that length of time for a common petty criminal.

    I understand that the reports mention that he “assaulted” an officer, but police do tend to exaggerate when they’re the victim — sheesh, even my wife was charged with interfering with an officer when she refused to provide id until she was told the reason for the officer’s request — which never came. Charge was dropped — thankfully. And we never did get a reason for why she was stopped… I digress…

    Not saying the officer wasn’t assaulted or anything, I’m just saying, it seems like they went a little overboard on this one.

    Or maybe I’m way off base and there’s a lot more back story to this…

    Eitherway, he deserves that wedgie — for the lip synching too.

  • I don’t know why but this post [and comments] are really funny. Let me get this straight…

    He allegedly stole a car but jumped on the metro to run from the police.

    Then they shut down two metro rails DURING rush hour to catch him.

    Oh the irony. HA HA

  • Actually he was stealing GPS units from cars, not the cars themselves.

    What I don’t get, and is the most annoying thing to me about this, is how do you not catch a guy in a 2 mile long tunnel that only has 2 ends? I mean c’mon, even a world class runner can only make that run down the tracks in 7-8 minutes. You couldn’t get transit police to wait at each end of the tunnel for him? Are they incompetent? I’m sure I don’t have the full information of what happened, but this has to be one of the easiest ways to catch a criminal.

  • BtC: I figured that and am giving the police a slight benefit of the doubt, but you would think they know the exit points. If they can’t get a minor criminal like this, then how can they track or catch terrorists on our transit system?

    It’s more of the peace of mind than anything.

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