The “Madden Curse” Strikes Again?

If you haven’t read about the “Madden Curse”, you can read more about it here at Snopes. Basically, every player that has graced the cover of the Madden NFL since 2000 has gotten injured the next season. It’s superstition, which is stupid to believe in, but it’s now becoming harder and harder for EA Sports to find NFL players to agree to be on the cover.

Well for Madden NFL 09, they thought they were safe. The player on the cover retired! That player would be Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers.

But if you’ve been following the recent news, you’ve heard that Brett wants to play again. Uh oh.

But EA Sports bigger worry now isn’t that Brett might get injured and continue the curse that way. No, they have another problem.

Even before the game is released, their cover player got traded to the New York Jets! But he’s on the cover in the Packers uniform!

So can this be be attributed to some curse or is that only for injuries? I’m sure scores of folks will pay close attention to Brett’s health this year. But with his age and position, he’s at an even higher risk of getting injured that when he was younger. You stick a 90 year old in a pro football game and see if he doesn’t suffer a season-ending injury!

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