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The Clever Investor: Loyal3 Update 8/17/2015


A little bookkeeping before we get started today. I’m sporting a new name for my monthly investment update, because there’s another blog already using the previous name. It’s more reflective of the personality here at Cleverdude I hope you like it.

The market took a hammering over the past month, so I wasn’t very optimistic that this month would give me any growth at all. Let’s review the rules of my investment game:

Last month I was happy with the growth from Buffalo Wild Wings, so I invested another $50 in them. They were also releasing their 2Q results via live webcast, so I was interested in seeing what effect that would have on their stock.

Let’s take a look at the month in the market:

Stock Market

  • As of Closing on 7/17/2015 : 18,086
  • As of Closing on 7/17/2015: 17,477
  • Month Change: -609 (-3.36%)


Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • Previous Value: $70.11
  • New Investment: $50.00
  • Current Value : $138.13
  • Month Change: + $18.02 (+15%)


  • Previous Value: $50.56
  • Current Value: $45.25
  • Month change: -$5.31 (-10.5%)

The stock market saw a hefty decline for the month, and my Apple stock even under performed that. Come on, Apple! I did, however get my first dividend from Apple in form of 20 cents. Whoohoo!

Buffalo Wild Wings on the other hand, continued to over perform. In fact, their stock jumped big time over the month of July. The logical explanation would be that their quarterly results were good…..but that wasn’t the case. In fact this is the 3rd consecutive quarter that they’ve missed earnings estimates. Apparently analysts like what they hear from my favorite wing restaurant. They’re investing in updating and upgrading their stores, and they’re converting many of their franchise locations to company owned. I’ve got to ride the hot hand, and put this month’s $50 investment into Buffalo Wild Wings. Hopefully it will keep treating me well, check back next month and find out!

How did your investments fare last month?

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