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The Clever Investor: Loyal3 Update 12/21/2015

Last Wednesday the Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates for the first time in a decade. This is in response to the growing perspective that the US economy has stabilized and can therefore handle the gradual raising of interest rates. Having the Feds recognize that the economy has stabilized and is growing constantly is a good thing, which most likely caused the initial jump in the market. On the down side, raising interest rates makes borrowing money more expensive, which means everything from business expansions to home mortgages and car loans will cost consumers a little bit more. That may have been part of the market’s negative reaction the days following the announcement. So what does that mean for my investments?

Before looking at the specifics of how my stocks performed over the last 30 days, let’s review the rules for my Clever Investor game:

  • Investments are made using the 100% Free investment platform, Loyal3
  • I will invest an additional $50 a month, budget willing, based upon results
  • Results are reviewed in the middle of the month (approximately)

Due to the volatility in the market, and the pending Federal Reserve Board announcement I didn’t invest my $50 again this month. Christmas spending may also have had something to do with it. Hoping to jump back on the train next month with the start of a new year….but in the meantime, here’s how my current investments fared over the last month.

Here we go!

Stock Market

  • As of closing on 11/17/2015: 17,489
  • As of closing on 12/18/2015: 17,128
  • Month Change: -361 (-2.1%)


Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • Previous Value: $146.51
  • Current Value: $148.19
  • Month Change: +1.68 (+1.1%)


  • Previous value: $44.35
  • Current Value: $41.31
  • Month Change: -$3.04 (-6.9%)

Lifetime Performance:

  • Amount invested: $210
  • Current Value: $189.70
  • Change: -20.30 (-9.7%)

Buffalo Wild Wings outperformed the market with a modest gain. Apple disappoints me again. I’m about sick of this stock, as it’s been a consistent loser since I bought it. I’m seriously contemplating rolling those funds to a different company.

The brilliant thing about loyal3.com is that you can buy shares for as little as $10 bucks, which is great because most people are cash constrained and can only afford to make small transactions.  Other brokerage firms aren’t geared towards small time investors, so Loyal3 has been great.

Look for another update in January – how did your stocks do this month?

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