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Thanks for the Hits! October 2009 Recap

In 11 days, I’ll be finishing one of my last 2 masters degree courses; the other one ends December 16th. The first one to end started back in April, and I finally got my act together to finish all my deliverables and commit to a presentation date (Nov 23). This is a culmination of over 2 years of stress, and a steady dwindling of articles here at Clever Dude.

But don’t think that I don’t have tons of article drafts waiting to be written, because I do! My brain has been at its limit of juggling work, personal, church and other activities (including this site), and I’ve had to make cuts somewhere. But I’ve kept my own pledge that I won’t publish something just to have something published, and I thank all of you for hanging in there while I finish up my degree!

So this month, and maybe future months, I’m going to list my top 20 referrers, not just the top 10. I wouldn’t be where I am without referral links from other sites, so thanks so much!!!

Top Personal Finance Blog Referrers

You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-).

  1. (1) The Simple Dollar
  2. (4) Cheap Healthy Good
  3. (8) Frugal Dad
  4. (5) Five Cent Nickel
  5. (6) My Money Blog
  6. (7) Budgets are Sexy
  7. (9) Free Money Finance
  8. (-) Zen Habits (He’s not actually new. Been a top referrer for years now)
  9. (-) Single Guy Money
  10. (10) Wise Bread
  11. (-) My Two Dollars
  12. (3) Credit Card Finder (I’m a top 25 BadA$$ Personal Finance Blogger)
  13. (-) I’ve Paid for this Twice Already…
  14. (-) No Credit Needed
  15. (-) Art of the Coupon
  16. (2) MSN Smart Spending
  17. (-) Mrs. Micah
  18. (-) Moolanomy
  19. (-) Lazy Man and Money
  20. (-) Gather Little by Little

(and Mapgirl just missed the top 20, but I’ll give her a special mention for being a good blogger friend).

Thanks all!

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