Thanks for the Hits: November 2008 Traffic Numbers and Stuff

As I enter into December, 2008, I feel much like I did in December, 2007: in pain. Yep, no relief yet for my messed up back, but at least I’m learning when the pain will hit (i.e. when I stand up).

But enough about me. Let’s talk about my site…

Almost to 1000 Posts!

As of this article, I’ve posted 983 times at Technically, I’ve posted more, but deleted some articles with affiliate links that were no longer relevant. And probably 940-950 of those articles were from me directly (not guest posts). In 29 months of this site, I’ve posted on average 34 times each month. If you wanted to see more numbers, check out my archives page.

I’ll write more when I actually hit 1000 articles.

Traffic Sources

At a high level:

Search Engines: 51%

Referring Sites: 31%

Direct Traffic: 18%

Top Personal Finance Blog Referrers

And now to what everyone (or at least every PF blog) reads this article for: my top referrers for November. You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-).

  1. (-) My Two Dollars
  2. (1) Canadian Capitalist
  3. (2) My Money Blog
  4. (4) Five Cent Nickel
  5. (3) No Credit Needed
  6. (7) Free Money Finance
  7. (-) Engineer a Debt Free Life
  8. (-) Blunt Money
  9. (5) Frugal Dad
  10. (6) Squawkfox

Top Non-PF Blog Referrers

  1. Google Search (43%)
  2. Direct Traffic (18%)
  3. Google Reader and Homepage (3%)
  4. Yahoo! Search (3%)
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. MSN Search
  7. AOL Search
  8. Live Search

Again, thanks to all my readers, fellow bloggers, commenters and scrapers for making this site such a success! Actually, no thanks to my scrapers. You’ll be hearing from me soon…

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