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Thanks for the Hits! June 2009 Traffic Numbers

Halfway through July and I haven’t even posted June’s traffic numbers? Sheesh!

As for content, I thought I was getting back into the writing groove in June. I had at least one article each week day until the end of the month hit and we got back into traveling, or people visiting on weekends. Plus, I realized I’m very behind in my school work and had to make the executive decision to do homework instead of write. Ugh. Only a few more months to go before I graduate!

Traffic Sources

At a high level:

Search Engines: 60% (up from 55% in May)

Referring Sites: 23% (down from 28%)

Direct Traffic: 17%

Top Personal Finance Blog Referrers

And now to what everyone (or at least every PF blog) reads this article for: my top referrers for June. You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-).

  1. (-) The Simple Dollar
  2. (3) My Money Blog
  3. (10) Budgets are Sexy (Wow! All the way up from #10!)
  4. (6) Cheap Healthy Good
  5. (2) Five Cent Nickel
  6. (8) Wise Bread
  7. (7) Free Money Finance
  8. (9) Frugal Dad
  9. (5) No Credit Needed
  10. (-) Single Guy Money

Top Non-PF Blog Referrers

Since this list is usually made up of search engines, I’ve decided to show non-PF blogs AND non-search engines instead!

  1. StumbleUpon (in the #10 spot of all referrers. #1-9 are search engines or PF blogs)
  2. Twitter
  3. Zen Habits
  4. Facebook (yep, Clever Dude is now on Facebook!)
  6. US News
  8. Daily Blog Tips
  9. Personal Finance at
  10. Dumb Little Man

Again, thanks to all my readers, fellow bloggers, commenters, search engines and scrapers for making this site such a success!

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