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Thanks for the Hits: December Top Traffic Referrers

December was a slow month as I had about 30% less traffic than in November, but that’s understandable given all of the holiday and shopping time spent away from the computer. However, somehow I ended up have the same number of posts as in November, even though I thought I would have less this month.

December’s Top non-PF Blog Referrers

I haven’t done this before, but I’ll highlight those sites who aren’t personal finance blogs first (top 5 only), along with percent of total visitors in ():

  1. Google Search (30.54%)
  2. Direct to the Site (19.21%)
  3. StumbleUpon (6.09%)
  4. Yahoo Search (2.69%)
  5. Lifehacker (1.26%)

Even though my big days on Lifehacker were many months ago, I still get a few hundred visitors a day for some of my articles. Thanks!

December’s Top PF Blog Referrers

You know what, as I was doing this list, I realized I didn’t do any rankings for November! I guess I’ll have to use October’s numbers for comparison. You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-). I won’t be showing the total percent of traffic though:

  1. (2) No Credit Needed
  2. (-) Blogging Away Debt
  3. (1) The Simple Dollar
  4. (3) My Money Blog
  5. (6) Five Cent Nickel
  6. (-) I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…
  7. (5) Mighty Bargain Hunter
  8. (-) Free Money Finance
  9. (-) Money Ning
  10. (-) Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

There were 3 sites who just missed the top 10: My 1st Million at 33, Frugal Law Student, and Single Guy Money. Also, special thanks to aggregators and DC Bloggers for the extra traffic.

Thanks for making Clever Dude a success this month everyone!

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