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Thanks for the hits! August 2007 top referring PF sites

Another month has rolled by since the July report. According to Google Analytics, I had almost 13,000 unique visitors last month (August), and over 23,000 pageviews. Wow! It wasn’t my biggest month ever, but my site continues to grow even through the slow summer months.

Here are the top 10 referring personal finance sites. I’m not counting aggregator sites like and I also received a large number of referrals from (as usual),, Stumbleupon and Digg.

You’ll see last month’s ranking in parentheses after the current ranking. If they weren’t in the top 10 last month, I marked them with a hyphen:

  1. (3) Blogging Away Debt
  2. (-) The Simple Dollar
  3. (5) No Credit Needed
  4. (-) Get Rich Slowly
  5. (4) Mighty Bargain Hunter
  6. (6) The Digerati Life
  7. (2) Five Cent Nickel
  8. (-) Free Money Finance
  9. (8) Money, Matter & More Musings

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for linking to my articles or my site. I know I really couldn’t have nearly the readership without your help. For the smaller sites, you don’t go unnoticed. Stick to it and you’ll be in this list one day (soon hopefully)!

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