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Teens And Money: Beware Of Salespeople


If you think that salespeople in retail stores are there for the single reason of helping you find what you need, you’re wrong. They’re also there to try to up sell your purchase and even get to you signup for and use credit cards regardless of whether it’s in your best financial interest or not. These facts were painfully obvious when I was recently shopping with my son at a trendy store popular with the youth of today.

Promote Sales To Increase Spending

After looking around the store, we went to the checkout counter to purchase a shirt my son had picked out. The cashier was a young woman I would estimate in her late teens. She looked at the shirt and asked if we wanted to pick out another shirt for 30% off. My son looked at me with a look as if he was going to go back to the shelves.

“Did you see another shirt you really liked?” I asked, knowing the answer as it took him a significant amount of time just to pick out one.

“No, not really,” he replied.

I internally commended the young woman for almost getting another sale as we continued with our transaction. I knew that if a sale resulted in buying something I wasn’t already planning to buy, it wasn’t saving me money, it was costing me money.

Promote Credit Cards

She stated the total and then asked if we had a rewards account. She looked up my account by phone number and proceeded to state that I had been approved for their store credit card.

“If you choose to accept the offer, you wouldn’t have to pay for this today,” she said.

While I had no temptation to take the offer, I could see how some people might. Especially a younger person who is a bit constrained with their funds. They could take their purchase home today, keep the money they were going to use in their pocket, and worry about the bill later. Of course she didn’t state the interest rate, nor warn us of the dangers of revolving debt.

Once we left the store, I explained to my son what had just happened, shared my observations, and reinforced the importance of going shopping with a list, sticking to that list, and paying with cash. By following those rules, the temptations put in front of us by salespeople are no match for our financial powers.

How about you CleverFriends, do you notice when salespeople are trying to get you to do something financially that may not be in your best interest?

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Brock Kernin


    • Agree, Ramona. I did find it interesting that this was occurring in a store really geared towards young adults. Although I’m not a young adult. 🙂

  • I understand that companies want to upsell but it’s pretty annoying for shoppers that know what they want and stick to their shopping list. I think that’s part of the reason why I prefer online shopping. No pushy sales people to deal with.

    • That’s definitely an advantage of shopping online…that and not having to deal with bad drivers, having to change into “real” clothes, wasting time…..yeah, I love shopping from home too. 🙂

  • I have found that even with online shopping, there may not be a salesperson, but there are pop-ups offering you x% off an additional sale, so shoppers need to beware no matter how they shop. Everyone gets tempted by a deal, but it’s not a deal if you didn’t need it enough to put it into your cart in the first place. Glad you son has you to guide him.

    • “It’s not a deal if you dind’t need it enough to put it into your card in the first place.” <---- you and I think the same. 🙂

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