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  • My parents accidentally set up my account so that I couldn’t access the funds without one of them. It worked out well. I couldn’t spend my paychecks. I had to stick to the money they gave me once a week. To be fair, they covered most of my expenses. I used their cars, never paid for gas, etc. But it taught me that money goes first and foremost in the bank. It’s a valuable lesson.

  • A good compromise for parents who think their kids aren’t ready for this step is the FamZoo card. We’ve used it for our kids for a few years. It is a prepaid debit card that allows kids to budget out their money each month. We can transfer money very quickly (like while they’re waiting in line at the gas station) if we need to and if they lose the card, their liability is limited.

  • @Abigail – That sounds like a great idea at least in the beginning…but over time I’d want to be able to give my son a bit more freedom. But, it does sound like it worked out well for you!

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