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Subscriber Poll: Are you a personal finance blogger too?

Right now, I have about 120 personal finance blogs on my Google Reader list. I read hundreds of articles per day (well, skim mostly) and comment on quite a few. I also see that I have around 900 subscribers right now. I’d like to make a connection with this reader poll:

I want to know if you, my reader, are also a personal finance blogger or writer!



If you’re reading this through E-mail or an RSS reader, please click through to participate in the poll.

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  • This is a good idea for a poll. Sometimes I think the entire blogosphere is just bloggers running around commenting on other people’s blogs. I’m not a PF blogger, but I do sometimes write about PF topics when on my decision-making blog.

  • I definitely don’t ONLY write about personal finance or finance things.

    My creed has always been to just write about what pops in my head – fashion, celebrities, finance, shopping, organizing, frugality, tips, rants with my Husband.. whatever. 🙂

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