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Stock Trading Contest Finale

The final results for the inaugural stock trading contest are posted at Stock Trading 101, and Clever Dude placed a couple spots, but didn’t finish in the top 3 🙁 . Six sites participated in this first ever contest, and boy was it a close one!

Scoring was in 1000 point increments (1000 for third, 2000 for second and 3000 for first) across 3 categories:

1. Top stock pick: Our commenter “Susan” finished 3rd with her pick of TYL and earned 1000 points

2. Top community average: Clever Dude’s total community average finished in 3rd place, even if it was a negative value 🙂

3. Closest guess to the Nasdaq close for Friday, April 13th: I thought that with my guess of 2488, that I clinched 1st place. The Nasdaq closed at 2491.94, so I was only 3.94 points away. However, Brandon from Blain’s site guessed 2491 even, and two others came almost as close. I was a fraction of a point away from 3rd place, but I’m just surprised I came so close with a 2-second guess!

So, if Brandon didn’t save Blain’s site with his oh-so-close guess, Clever Dude would have made 3rd place. However, congratulations to Brandon, Blain and all other participants of the contest.

Now, who wants to participate in the next contest from April 23rd-27th???

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