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Stock Trading Contest – Day 3

The results after yesterday’s market are in. The final results will be tallied tonight and posted on Sunday, but here are the running stats for the participants at Clever Dude:

We dropped out of the Top Community Averages (we were in 3rd place), but we still have one more day (today) to make up the difference

Our own Stacie is in 2nd place on total returns for her GE stock pick with a .46% gain. However, first place has a total 8.68% gain, and from looking at the closing numbers today, Stacie won’t take the number one spot. However, being the newbie with stocks that I am, I don’t even know how to look up “AUA.V” to check it!

I’m actually in second place with my guess for the Nasdaq closing amount by only 7.68 points. However, looking at the closing amount today, I may have taken first place! Unfortunately, I can only see the top 3 rankings in each category, so someone might be closer.

You can see the full results for April 12th trading at Stock Trading 101.

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  • I really look forward to pulling these final stats together!

    “Each 1st place finish will earn a community 3000 points, 2nd 2000 points, and third 1000 points. The community with the most points overall is declared the ULTIMATE WINNER.”

    It is anyone’s game :p

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