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Stacie got a positive review!

Just last week I was wondering if we could be a single-income household mainly because Stacie’s job is just too stressful and she feels like her boss and coworkers take her for granted (which they do). She spends and hour driving to work, 10 hours at work (minimum) and then an hour driving home. And then she works a couple hours most nights on various work projects.

But today was her scheduled “quarterly conversation” with her manager. She was given a few questions beforehand that the hospital wanted her to consider such as:

  1. What are you doing to make the hospital the best in the world?
  2. What support does she need to do her job better?

Stacie asked me what she should say to the first question and my answer was “You’re working there”. She liked that one, but obviously couldn’t respond with that to her boss.

So she sat down with her boss and got quite a surprise. Her boss answered question #1 for Stacie by telling her that she’s the best dietitian at the hospital and the best she’s ever seen. Finally, some acknowledgment of how hard she’s working!

Her boss relayed to her that she asked the doctors and nurses on a floor that she covers “what dietetic skills do you need on your floor?” because they’re looking to hire a new, dedicated dietitian. They responded that they want Stacie to work full-time on their floors. That’s actually the response that Stacie gets across the hospital from all the floors she works, but she’s too modest to realize why people love her. She’s honest, sincere, ethical and has a deep concern for the welfare of her patients, which you can tell by reading her site, Building Nutrition.

But in answer to question #2 above (what does she need?), she responded “My husband requests that I leave work on-time from now on”. Well, I think that’s probably up to Stacie, not her boss (hint, hint Stacie).

It’s nice to be recognized and appreciated, isn’t it?

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  • Mrs Micah: Unfortunately no. She works full-time on a few floors already and that would just stretch her even thinner. The thing is her coworkers aren’t supporting (helping) her because many of them (not all) are busy browsing the internet or chatting in the office (or skipping out of work early).

    Stacie’s non-confrontational, so there’s no chance she’ll speak up against her coworkers, but it’s nice to know people are noticing.

  • That is so awesome to get that acknowledgment. It sounds like she deserves it! I look up to anyone that works in a hospital, it’s difficult work no matter what field your in. No place else does so much sadness and happiness and confusion happen all in one place.

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