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sam's club tips, scan and go at sam's club, sam's club shopping tipsThe worst part about shopping is the checkout lane. It always seems like I get stuck behind the person with a problem, or go into the lane with the slowest cashier. Whenever available, I choose self-checkout because the lines are usually short (many people are afraid of them), and I sincerely believe I’m faster than the average check out person. Recently I found an even better solution; skipping the checkout lane entirely. With its Scan and Go phone app, Sam’s Club has just become my favorite place to shop.

How Scan And Go Works

Sam’s Club shoppers can download the free app to their Apple or Android smart phone. As they shop, simply scan the bar code of each product. If the product doesn’t have a bar code (like produce), there’s an option to search. Once shopping is complete, the products can be purchased within the app by entering payment information. Shoppers can bypass the checkout lane entirely, simply showing the electronic receipt from the app to the door attendant on the way out.

Other App Features

Your payment information is saved within the ap, so you don’t have to enter it each time you shop, and you can delete items from your shopping cart if you change your mind.


Scan And Go is available at all US locations and is completely free for all members. There are some items that cannot be purchased with the app such as alcohol, tobacco, jewelry, prescriptions and gift cards.

My Experience

I decided to give Scan And Go a try for myself and was impressed. I did have to take a few moments to scan each item I put in my cart, but I would have to do that anyway if I went through the self-checkout lane. The bar code scanner worked well, and it felt great to wheel right by the line of people at each of the checkout lanes when I was done.

Sam’s Club is using the power of technology to make the experience of shopping at their stores as pleasant as possible. Nobody likes standing in a long line, and by using Scan And Go, you don’t have to.

How about you, Clever Friends, have you used the Scan And Go feature and Sam’s Club?

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