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Share the Love Review #5 – Binary Dollar

Today, I get to write a Share the Love Review for Henry at Binary Dollar. I actually met Henry in person, and we’ve been communicating through AIM and forums. Oh, I should also add this is NOT a paid post, but Henry sure is welcome to shoot over a check whenever he has the extra cash 🙂

Binary Dollar

About Binary Dollar and the Author(s)
Binary Dollar is actually authored by two guys: Henry and Matt. The archives go back to last September (although the Archive page doesn’t appear to be there), and postings were a bit sparse until this new year (as with my own site). I haven’t met Matt yet, but each author has his own unique style and interests. For example, Matt seems to like “little people” and creating religious tension, while Henry likes bar graphs and bums. Sounds like a good mix of topics, don’t you think?

Binary Dollar used to be a bit amateur-looking early on, but Henry and Matt have really come a long way in producing a clean and professional site. I actually envy the bursts of color and lack of clutter on the site. However, it would be nice if they added a link to Clever Dude. Which leads me to…

Why I added Binary Dollar to my sidebar
I know one of my requirements to add people to my sidebar is if they link to me. However, Henry had helped me in a few times of need (like when my site was being pounded by Lifehacker and Digg readers). Also, I’ve met him in person and he’s a cool guy. I’m not too sure about that Matt guy, though. Maybe he’s the really just the dog in their header images…..

Site Impressions
I’ve already said I like the site design, and I’ll add there isn’t much I’d change about the site (other than a working Archives page, but mine goes down sometimes for no reason too). Not being a user of MyBlogLog, I don’t find that sidebar plugin too useful, but it does add color to the site. I’d also add some more interactive plugins like Top Commentators and Subscribe to Comments, which both have garnered more conversational commenting on my own site.

Other than those few suggested changes, the site ROCKS! Maybe I’ll steal their stylesheet.

Keep the requests coming in. If I don’t choose you for a review and sidebar link, I’ll hopefully tell you why. However, it may take me a few days to gain the tact needed to say why. Don’t let that discourage you though! It takes me over an hour to write one of these reviews since I go back through your archives and your About information to get a good idea of who you are, what you write about, how you write, and so forth. I’m a quick writer, but a slow reader.

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