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Share the Love Review #2 – Rate Ladder

This issue of Share the Love is to review a site that’s been on my sidebar for a few months now,

Rate Ladder

About the Writer
According to Rate Ladder’s About page:

I am 6′10″ played ivy league basketball with an engineering degree in computer science. (So my grammar and spelling excuse is already in the open.) I enjoy reading about technology, Internet, and business in all forms and I love toys.

Dang he’s tall!

Rate Ladder got into the investing game in June 2006 with a couple hundred dollar investment, and now has thousands invested across dozens of loans.

Purpose of the site
Rate Ladder’s purpose is to:

Write about my journey and other personal finance observations

His goal is to:

Generate the maximum return on investment (ROI) with the least amount of risk and have some fun along the way.

Why I linked to this site
Although I am not a Prosper lender or participant, I am highly interested in how it works and the potential for future investing. Rate Ladder performs exhaustive queries and reports against Prosper data, explains risk and rewards, and even has “Lender Games” for participants.

Now, if only I could figure out what “Standing Order” means…

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