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Share the Love Review #1 – Money Blog Site

This inaugural issue of Share the Love is to announce the addition of
Money Blog Site (MBS) to my sidebar.

Money Blog Site

About the Writer
Martin, the creator of Money Blog Site, is a 25 year old married guy, has a 2 year old and another on the way. He has a single income, 1.5 kid family (he says 2, but that second one doesn’t count yet).

Purpose of the site
Martin’s goal is:

To take both you and I from financial novices to financial EXPERTS

Why I linked to this site
Although the site has a very basic layout, MBS has alot in common with me. Though we don’t have kids of our own, and both my wife and I have jobs, Martin and I seem to share the same interests in posts. Also, Martin is candid about his own situation. He has some unique features on his site such as Survey Sites and Stocks Owned.

How your site can be featured on Share the Love

From now on, any link I add to my sidebar will get featured in a Share the Love post. It’s going the extra mile than just adding your link.

About the author

Clever Dude


  • Wow that’s scary what I too have in common with the author.

    Married – check
    two year old – check (well 2 in may)
    another one on the way – check
    due date in july – check
    am a programmer – check
    wife went for teaching degree – check
    wife stays at home and does small part time gigs – check
    25 – check (well I was 25 2 years ago 🙂 )
    financial blogger – check
    Links to Clever Dude – check

  • Well, I’m thinking about it. It’s draining to give love, so I only want to do probably one of these per week.

    I take time to go through a few weeks of posts to refresh my memory on what you’ve written, your style, and your direction. I also read your About page, and also ask you directly (via email) if you want anything special added in my post about you or your site.

    I was just wondering who would ask this first!

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