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Saving and Earning on Common Expenses

saving tips, earning tips, expenses adviceMost people think about saving money as something that occurs outside of everyday expenditures. There are certain payments that just have to be covered: utilities, groceries, mortgage/rent, insurance, etc. To save money and grow wealth, it’s easy to look outside of these unavoidable costs. But these may actually be the best place to start when it comes to saving and earning extra money.

Credit cards are one of the greatest opportunities for this kind of thing. There is many a credit card combination which will give the user compatible earnings and savings, for specific goals or periods in life. For example, one card might give you a discount on foreign financial transactions, which a strong companion card would be one that gives strong rewards for international travel. With these cards alone, you can amplify and enhance your travel goals, or simply save and earn a lot more when you travel by necessity.

Another great place to look for saving within everyday expenditures is in payments that you make on a monthly basis. For example, it’s easy to call up your ISP to ask for a better rate, which might shave $20 or more off of your monthly payments. Rates may be similarly negotiable with energy companies and other utilities, especially if you’re willing to switch service to a cheaper competitor. Make sure to do the same with your insurance companies too, who will often discount premiums if it means keeping your business. With a few minutes’ work, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Remember, these companies find it much harder to replace a customer than to keep a customer, so they are likely to reward you for sticking around.

Acquiring new skills in the home is an excellent way to cut down on food and grocery costs. While prepared and processed foods are convenient, they are more expensive than foods you can make yourself from whole ingredients, especially if the food you normally eat comes from restaurants. This method is also healthier than eating foods that come from independent sources, which have no way to even consider your personal preferences or dietary needs.

If you use a car to get to and from places you need to be, consider using other transportation options with more regularity. Public transportation, ride shares, and good old-fashioned biking can save you a tremendous amount of fuel and upkeep in a year’s time. Cars are more expensive than they seem because the costs are so spread out. Figure out how much you spend on your car in a single calendar year, and decide for yourself if you think the benefit is worth the price. What’s more, using your car less is a true way to cut down on your personal carbon footprint.

There are many ways to find savings in your daily expenses. Without looking at these carefully, it’s easy to waste money and wonder how in the world you’ll get your finances in order. Take the time it takes to incorporate these methods, and you’ll make the money you have go much further.

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