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Save Money With Online Coupon Codes from Old Navy


old navy discounts, online coupon codes, old navy promosYou can save a nice chunk of cash just by doing a quick browser search for a coupon code before pulling into a checkout lane or completing any online order. There are a couple of retailers for which I expect to find a coupon code for every time such as Party City and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. On a recent shopping trip with my wife, we discovered another to add to the list.

We were shopping at Old Navy because I had received a text message stating they were having a sale over the weekend on workout clothes. While waiting in line to purchase our items, my wife wondered aloud whether we could find a coupon code to add to our savings. As she pulled out her phone, I expressed my doubts, pointing out the fact that I am subscribed to get text messages and emails from Old Navy, and was sure I would have been notified about any additional ways to save.

To my disbelief, she found a coupon code for 20% off our entire purchase. All that was necessary was to tell the cashier the code word “SWEET” to enter into the terminal. It seemed too good to be true, so we asked the cashier once we reached the register. She was a new employee, and thus turned around and asked a manager that happened to be walking behind her. The manager knew all about it, nodding her head. She helped the cashier enter the code, and our $200 bill was magically reduced by $40.

Looking for online coupons before completing your purchase is a good habit to get into. Common retailers like Party City, Bed, Bath, And Beyond, and now Old Navy commonly have coupon codes available, and I’m sure there are others. Even if you’re signed up for money saving emails and text messages from a retailer, that doesn’t mean you won’t find additional discounts by searching online. Before you head out shopping, or before you complete your online order, perform a simple internet search and see what you can find. You might be surprised.

Note:  While not the primary focus of this post, the SWEET 20% off everything deal is valid until 11:59 EST until 9/13/2017.

How about you, Clever Friends, what other retailers have you found that commonly have online coupon codes?

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