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Save Money On Music Streaming With Spotify Family

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I almost made a mistake that would have cost me money each and every month unnecessarily. We had been paying $9.99 for a premium subscription to Spotify.  With only one user id my wife and I couldn’t use it at the same time while we were at work, or at the gym. I really like the service, so I was about to signup for a second subscription, when I found details of a Spotify Family subscription.

Spotify is a music streaming service that gives users access to its entire music library for a monthly fee. Subscribers can access Spotify from a desktop computer, laptop, or their mobile devices. The music can then be listened to through headphones, connected speakers, or broadcast to nearby Bluetooth enabled hardware making it great for parties. The service gives you suggestions for other groups you may like based on your listening habits, and you don’t have to eat up storage on your computer or mobile device by storing the songs locally.

Spotify offers several subscription options:

  • Spotify Free: Free subscribers can access music, but they are allowed a small number of “skips” per day and may be subjected to ads at any time making it more like listening to the radio than selecting what you want to listen too.
  • Spotify Student: Students attending recognized institutions can get Spotify Premium service at a reduced cost of $4.99 per month.
  • Spotify Premium: Premium subscribers have access to the entire music library, unlimited skips, and no ads for $9.99 a month
  • Spotify Family: Up to 5 Spotify accounts can be added to a family subscription, as long as the users verify they live at the same address, for $14.99 a month.

By adding a second Spotify Premium account, I would have raised my monthly bill to $19.98. That alone made me pause, as that’s a pretty hefty monthly bill just for listening to music. But with Spotify Family, not only can my wife and I have our own Ids, but we also added our son who was also interested in the service. Instead of paying close to $30 for three separate subscriptions (or $25 if he had been able to get the student cost), we now pay $14.99.

How about you, Clever Friends, do you use Spotify? Have you ever heard of Spotify Family?

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