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Save Money and Time With Lunch At A Convenience Store!


There are two things that almost everyone wishes they had more of; time and money. I definitely share this perspective. When I find an opportunity to save time by combining two tasks together, I take it. When I find an opportunity to save money, I take it.

On my way home from the gym, I stopped at a gas station to fill up. I went inside to pay, just as I’ve done countless times, but on this day I noticed something different. Maybe it was because it was lunch time and I was hungry that I noticed all the hot food items for sale. Over the last decade convenience stores have expanded and started to take on the look of a small grocery store, complete with weekly sales. But many are also now offering food items that compete with fast food restaurants that in many cases might sit on the opposite street corner.

Here are some of the notable food items I found offered at the two largest convenience store chains near my home:

Hot Dogs

Not just any hot dog, but Nathan’s hot dogs. The Super America convenience store just a few blocks from my home offers two Nathan’s hot dogs for $3.


Kwik Trip, another major convenience store chain in my area, offers slices of their Cheese Mountain pizza for $1. These are large slices, and honestly the pizza is pretty good if you can get it fresh.

Combo Meals

Kwik Trip also offers some combination meal specials. For example, one of their daily specials this week is chicken tenders with seasoned potato wedges for $2.99.

Gas station convenience stores are pulling out all the stops to get customers in the door. Gas prices from one station to the next are almost always equal, so they need to find other ways to attract business. The next time you’re filling up your car, take a look at the food items offered at your local convenience store. You might just save yourself a trip to that fast food restaurant across the street.

How about you, Clever Friends? Have you noticed any quality food items at your local convenience store? Have you tried any of them?

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  • A lot of our local convenience stores seem to have some pretty authentic Mexican food, probably more authentic than the regular Mexican restaurants we frequent around town. There’s also a really nice convenience store down the street that specializes in local items, with a good wine selection, organic honey, locally roasted coffee, and a produce truck on site.

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