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Save $668 Effortlessly With The 365 Day Money Saving Challenge!

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There is a way to almost effortlessly save $668. Different people require different types of motivation. Some need a structured plan, others need constant reminding of their goal, and still, others do best when a goal is presented as a challenge or a game. If any of those describe you, and you’d like to save $668 over the course of a year, then this post is written exactly for you.

The concept of the 365-day money saving challenge is simple. For an entire year, you save the number of cents equal to the day of the challenge. For example, on the first day, you save $0.01, the second day $0.02, all the way to the 365th day in which you’d save $3.65. At the end of the 365 days, you’ll have saved $668 ($667.95 to be exact) that can be added to your emergency fund, invest, or use towards some other personal financial goal.

Here’s why the 365-day challenge can work for so many people:

It’s Easy. Really Easy.

The largest daily monetary amount to save is only $3.65. The worst case scenario you skip the drive-through or your trip to the gourmet coffee place that day. Successfully completing this challenge won’t require a major budget overall, only simple day to day sacrifices.

Easily Visible

By printing the provided chart and placing it somewhere you will see it each day, challengers will be constantly reminded of their goal, and to save the daily amount.

365 Day Money Challenge (click on an image to download or print)


Easily Trackable:

Where ever you put your progress chart, leave a black marker alongside it. When a day is completed, color the day black, put an X on it, or whatever you’d like to do to show that day is completed. Seeing days marked off will give you a sense of accomplishment and help motivate you to continue.

Make it A Game

There are a couple different ways challengers could make a game out of the challenge:

  • Speed Challenge: The 365 money day challenge is presented as taking a year, but it certainly doesn’t have to. If you’ve got enough spare bills and change in your pocket at the end of the day, why not knock out a couple of days?
  • Reorder: The challenge is designed to start at a low amount and gradually increase that amount each day. It’s totally fine to do the days in whatever order you’d like. If I happen to have $2.86, I’ll just cross that day off and save an easier day for when I have less money in my pocket.

Start Anytime

The beginning of a new year is a popular time to start working on new goals, but the 365-day money saving challenge can be started anytime!

Save Conveniently

Many people will find it convenient to use the spare bills and change in their wallet and/or pocket. But given that the amounts may be difficult to have on hand exactly, you may find it easier to simply do an online transfer from your checking account into a special account used just for the money saving challenge

Whatever your preferred way of motivation, the 365-day money saving challenge has something for you. Whatever financial goal you have in mind, if it could use an extra $668, print off the tracking sheet and get started today!

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