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Running in the dark is dangerous

Yes, we’re still training for the Marine Corp Marathon, which is this coming October. Our mileage is increasing (long runs are scheduled for Saturdays), and this weekend we had to run 8 miles. You can keep up to date with our weekly updates at Building Nutrition.

When we trained last year, we did all of our runs in the daylight. Today, we installed the new pool pump (still got some more work to do) in the morning and afternoon, so I took a long nap for a few hours before running.

Because it was quite warm out, we decided to run at night. We ran down the sidewalk on Route 355 here in Maryland for 4 miles then doubled back. It was mostly lit, and where it wasn’t, there were usually cars lighting the way. However, at mile 5 (on the way back), I didn’t see a random pile concrete dumped on the sidewalk and nailed it with my toe. I went sprawling.

So as I write this, my right hand is bandaged and I have an ice pack on my right knee. Do I regret running at night? No. The temperature was just right. Low humidity. No one on the sidewalks, and no squinting at the sunlight.

What did hurt the most was going into The Cheesecake Factory once to use the restroom and once to wash the blood and stones out of my hand, and we never got any cheesecake!

But I did weigh in under 220 for the first time since just before the marathon! It will be temporary as Nick and I are celebrating some milestones for at Fogo De Chao tomorrow 🙂 If you’re in the Washington DC area tomorrow for dinnertime, feel free to contact me to join us for dinner! I must warn you, though, your bill will probably run $60-70. 🙁

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  • […] was fast-paced and a hill workout. Good times! Our 8-mile run pace was decreased when my husband fell about 5 miles into the run (a patch of concrete was on the sidewalk–and it was dark outside–you get the picture). […]

  • Rats! Missed this post. Would have been good to meet up again.

    I am really curious about it since Make Love Not Debt blew their dining budget there with Him’s parents a few weeks ago.

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